Houseruled Powder Weapons

Powder Weapons all have an ammo capacity(number of attacks that can be made before loading) and load speed stat.

Weapon Ammo Cap. Damage Load Speed Special Prof. Range
Shotgun 2 1d10/1d4 Move Brutal:1 +2 Cls. Blst 5/8
Sawed-Off 2 1d12/1d4 Move Brutal:2 +1 Mel/Cls Blst 3
Rifle 4 1d10 Move High Crit +3 20/40
Pistol(.22) 6 1d6 Move High Crit +3 10/20
Pistol(.45) 6 1d8 Move High Crit +2 15/30

The Speed Loader Feat can lower load times of weapons by one step.

Shotgun attack: Close blast 5 (One creature in blast) 1d10(Brutal:2) to target and 1d4 to all creatures adjacent to main target. Opinions on the stats for the Sawed-Off?

If all adjacent creatures is too powerful, we could use 2 adjacent creatures instead.

Derek Note: Adjacent creatures should probably only take 1d4 damage or damage equal to DEX. (What the heck does that stand for? I assume it means the stat associated with the attack?) Either choice has certain advantages and disadvantages. Damage equal to stat mod doesn’t gain bonuses from most feats unless the character has Weapon Focus with shotguns, but it is flat damage that is probably going to be a minimum of two with characters built around using that stat. Rolled damage, like a 1d4, counts as a “damage roll,” and thus would benefit from a feat like Astral Fire if the shotgun in question is a Flaming Shotgun +1, for example. Just food for thought.

Andi Note: Yeah: REF was supposed to be DEX. I’m retarded. I like the just d4 or just DEX idea. How about just d6? Too much?

Derek Note: Probably too much, unless you actually implement the reload rules, then shotguns should be pretty potent to make up for the reload action. Also, other guns should probably deal a little more damage, by that same token.

Kuhn Note: DEX mod is definitely enough damage for an adjacent creature, especially considering this is a basic attack we’re talking about. And I’m not sure if “push with feat” thing is a good idea. Remember that these weapons are usable with powers just like crossbows are, and there are powers that do this already, for the ranger and such, meaning if you put these in the hands of a fighter, for example, it gives them an unfair advantage. Also, very few feats can be taken more than once anymore. There’s a speed loader feat for crossbow users which can be adapted just fine, if I’m not mistaken.

In my real-life experience, reloading a rifle is just as time consuming as reloading a shotgun, so I think if one is standard, the other should be, too.

The crossbow is your foil for balance comparison here. Firearms should be different, but not so superior as to discourage a crossbow build. Personally, I’d keep the range and damage close to the same, lower the proficiency bonus (except maybe for the rifle) and consider adding properties, such as high crit or brutal (something the crossbow user doesn’t get) to make taking the feat for proficiency worthwhile. That’s assuming they’re superior weapons, which I hope they are. The fact that firearms can hold more than one shot at a time is a big deal, so load time should be a bit of a pain in the ass. Also, you left out the proficiency bonus and the ranges for these weapons.

Andi’s Note: Fixed, fixed, and fixed. Any thoughts on my making the shotgun brutal but lowering the d12 to a d10? The current stats are definitely open for tweaking, since I don’t have my books here for comparison to anything else.

I think the only thing I’m going to use in any practical way is the Shotgun rules, unless you guys really want to run with this.

Houseruled Powder Weapons

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