Eberron: Wizard's Gulch

Ride the Lightning
And so it begins...

As much as I like the idea of being flown around on a bolt of lightning, this “Lightning Rail” is a terrifying monster. I feel perfectly safe hurdling across the Talenta Plains in a big metal box sitting on elemental magic I can’t control! Really. Humans, it’s like they want horrible things to happen to the frail bloodbags they call bodies.

Speaking of humans, there are some of them on that thing with me, along with some other things, some of which I can’t really identify. One made of crystals- some kind of really hairy freak, I suppose- and garbed in robes iss being taught to play cards by one of the humans dressed in well-made clothes and a funny round hat. It’s like he cut a ball in half and stuck it on his head.

There’s a halfling woman seated next to the one in the hat, fiddling with some kind of metal. They’re smaller than the smallest humans. Tiny little fingers. Disgusting. How they manage to breed is beyond me, as were I a halfling male I’d probably be crippled by nausea after stripping one of the females.

Then there’s the purple one, lined with white streaks. He could pass for a genasi, but his presence feels otherworldly. An odd thing for an elemental to feel about somebody. Weird.

Wait, looks like the gnolls caught up. Damn fleabags, not even worth getting their gamey meat stuck between my teeth, and they think to chase me?! I’ll write more later, maybe…



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