• Berna


    dwarf employee at the Silver Sliver
  • Elara Goldflower

    Elara Goldflower

    Elara runs her father's shop, Eli's Outfitting. She has also studied at the local magic school.
  • Eli Goldflower

    Eli Goldflower

    Proprietor of Eli's Outfitting and Eli's Wagons, Eli is one of the wealthiest men in town.
  • Greeter Golem

    Greeter Golem

    This construct was purchased by the city council of Wizard's Gulch to welcome and act as a guide to all the new visitors and prospectors.
  • Madame Blanque

    Madame Blanque

    Madame Blanque has run the Silver Sliver for a large part of her long elven life.
  • Shepara


    genasi employee at the Silver Sliver
  • Sheriff Torg Thunderstump

    Sheriff Torg Thunderstump

    The Sheriff of Wizard's Gulch has more important things to do than chase legends...