Eberron: Wizard's Gulch

Charged With Potential

Finally, something worth writing about! As I suspected, the stones I’ve acquired are more powerful than I could possibly have imagined. Together, at least. We still need another ten such stones, each a solid mass of the spirits like the nodes on my head, to achieve anything important. But, oh, the possibilities! All the power of the Southerners’ machines could allow me to tame the Demon Wastes and raise a glorious army. Hordes of elementals lead by elite genasi armed and armored in equipment crafted from the very stuff of our universe. I could build a mighty empire the likes of which this world has never seen!

I’m sure the others won’t mind as long as I don’t exterminate their pathetic civilization while fashioning my own. The little one is easily bribed with deliciously sweet breads, and Josiah is clearly one who understands the way of things, of power and self-reliance. The lecturer, on the other hand, is likely weak-willed enough to prove troublesome. It would be annoying to have to slaughter any of them. They’ve been useful and even likable tolerable on this journey.

Remember: That sly witch of a female had the granite to steal my feather talisman. Possible future queen?


amstein99 Schneidend

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