Eberron: Wizard's Gulch

Fortuitous Happenings

Master, you will be pleased to know that the first two of the Binding Stones have been uncovered: the Ghost Stone and the Crackling Stone. Proximo was among the discoverers, but it seems he has yet to find the Flare Stone as you had sent him to do. He has allied himself to a formidable, if motley, company who should be useful in aiding his search. They should be no match for you once you have the Stone, however.

Yours in fire,


Charged With Potential

Finally, something worth writing about! As I suspected, the stones I’ve acquired are more powerful than I could possibly have imagined. Together, at least. We still need another ten such stones, each a solid mass of the spirits like the nodes on my head, to achieve anything important. But, oh, the possibilities! All the power of the Southerners’ machines could allow me to tame the Demon Wastes and raise a glorious army. Hordes of elementals lead by elite genasi armed and armored in equipment crafted from the very stuff of our universe. I could build a mighty empire the likes of which this world has never seen!

I’m sure the others won’t mind as long as I don’t exterminate their pathetic civilization while fashioning my own. The little one is easily bribed with deliciously sweet breads, and Josiah is clearly one who understands the way of things, of power and self-reliance. The lecturer, on the other hand, is likely weak-willed enough to prove troublesome. It would be annoying to have to slaughter any of them. They’ve been useful and even likable tolerable on this journey.

Remember: That sly witch of a female had the granite to steal my feather talisman. Possible future queen?

On Homecoming

A most interesting first week back home. Makes me wonder even more why I left. Elara looks lovelier than I ever recall. Then again, I barely recall anything. Everyone seems to know me, but I can barely come up with their names. I can’t even find my way around like I should. Each street and structure seems more like an image from a painting than a tangible piece of my past. I can only hope this black, smoky haze in my mind dissolves as I spend more time here.

Our mission in the mines is finished. Not all the dwarves made it back out. Azura saw fit to cleave one or two since they were “in his way.” I know they were under that shadow creep’s control and were trying to kill us, but his lack of mercy is nonetheless astounding. And that’s coming from me. Needless to say, I trust that lumbering thunderstorm of a man about as much as a goat-horned devil dealing with his wrist. Makes my moustache curl. And while I’ve not a clue what those crazy-colored crystals are, I’m certain they’re very powerful and very, very dangerous to be around. Given the choice, I’d leave him and his pet rocks to the gnolls and the hired guns that are no doubt sniffing him down this very moment.

Yet I can’t shake the feeling I need to stick near him if I’m gonna get my memory back and figure what in blazes happened to me these last eight months. And if he wants to stay alive, he’s gonna need my help for sure.

We rode back to Gulch only to find some rapacious gnoll chief and his goons stirring up their usual trouble in the streets. I hate gnolls. Anything but gentlemen, they are. They stink like pigs, drool like dogs, and their sense of style makes even Sherriff Torg seem fashionable. Not to mention they killed my parents. I was more than pleased to burn them down to ashes, so much so I don’t even think I’ll charge the town for my services on this one. But even with their flesh frying in the sun, there’s an even stranger scent in the air. Can’t figure out why they’d waste their time. Nothing here for them to take, or was there?

Looks like Azura’s got a little more explaining to do.

-Josiah Proximo

Ride the Lightning
And so it begins...

As much as I like the idea of being flown around on a bolt of lightning, this “Lightning Rail” is a terrifying monster. I feel perfectly safe hurdling across the Talenta Plains in a big metal box sitting on elemental magic I can’t control! Really. Humans, it’s like they want horrible things to happen to the frail bloodbags they call bodies.

Speaking of humans, there are some of them on that thing with me, along with some other things, some of which I can’t really identify. One made of crystals- some kind of really hairy freak, I suppose- and garbed in robes iss being taught to play cards by one of the humans dressed in well-made clothes and a funny round hat. It’s like he cut a ball in half and stuck it on his head.

There’s a halfling woman seated next to the one in the hat, fiddling with some kind of metal. They’re smaller than the smallest humans. Tiny little fingers. Disgusting. How they manage to breed is beyond me, as were I a halfling male I’d probably be crippled by nausea after stripping one of the females.

Then there’s the purple one, lined with white streaks. He could pass for a genasi, but his presence feels otherworldly. An odd thing for an elemental to feel about somebody. Weird.

Wait, looks like the gnolls caught up. Damn fleabags, not even worth getting their gamey meat stuck between my teeth, and they think to chase me?! I’ll write more later, maybe…



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